It is vitally important to the success of your loan to provide us with the following items, including all pages of all documents. A blank page from one bank statement can hold up your loan.


Information needed to process your loan:

Last two years W2’s

Last two years Federal 1040’s (if self-employed)

Paystubs for one full month

Who do we contact to verify your employment, name and number?

Last 2 months bank statements (all pages even if blank)

Last quarterly retirement statements (all pages even if blank)

A quote for homeowners (not needed until in contract to purchase)


Current Insurance Declarations Pages

Copy of Current Mortgage Coupon/Payment



Certificate of Eligibility


1.DO NOT: Open any new credit... none!!

2.DO NOT: Move or transfer money... Call me first!!

3.DO NOT: Deposit large amounts of cash... Call me first!!

4.DO NOT: Take gift funds from family or friends... Call me first!

How to deliver your information to us:

Email - Only email PDFs, we can’t use other file formats

Online Application - Click Here

Fax to (916) 200-0355

Come on in and see us, we’ll make copies while you enjoy a beverage!